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The N.C. Department of Transportation has designated 54 scenic byways to give visitors and residents a chance to experience a bit of North Carolina history, geography and culture while raising awareness for the protection and preservation of these treasures. The routes are carefully selected to embody the diverse beauty and culture of the Tar Heel State and provide travelers with a safe and interesting alternate route.

Images from North Carolia Scenic Byways

These byways are intended as an alternative to the faster-paced traffic and commercial areas found along our major highways and interstates. By following the byways, you will see some of the most breathtaking scenery from the Blue Ridge Mountains and the fertile plains to the crystal blue coastline.

Scenic Byways Book

NCDOT maintains a guidebook of the scenic byways:

NCDOT Scenic Byways Book (9mb)

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Interactive Scenic Byway Maps

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North Carolina Scenic Byways Teacher's Guide

Pages from the Scenic Byways Teacher's Guide

Hands-on lesson plans and activities will help educators and students learn more about these byways while providing compelling information about their geographical, historical and cultural significance. The guide targets fourth grade teachers, because their curricula are compatible with the goals of the project. They can also effectively encourage children to be environmentally conscious.

This guide was written for teachers by teachers. The activities it offers may be copied and used by any teacher or group who wishes to learn more about the scenic byways of North Carolina.

Scenic Byway Videos

Our scenic byways videos are available here as well as on our YouTube site.