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Saturday Dec 22, 2012 Conditions

Last Updated on December 22, 2012 5:19 am

*A running and updated list of conditions across the High Country*

5:14am – still very windy and cold

5:18am – 21 degrees with wind chill of 3 above in Boone

5:20am – The Winter Weather Advisory continues until 7am this morning, the High Wind Warning continues until 6pm tonight.

5:30am – Niki posted this morning “Just drove from the top of Brown's Chapel (covered but drivable with front wheel drive) to Bamboo (mostly clear), Wilson's Ridge (covered at the top) to deerfield (mostly clear). No trees in the road that I saw.”

5:32am – overnight Shelia in Zionville posted to the fb page that the wind had blown their neighbors metal building off it's foundation and was laying against their house.

5:34am – power outages: Ashe 309, Wilkes 90, Watauga 51, Alleghany 6, Caldwell 5, Avery 3

Taken off old 421 in Zionville on Dec 21. Photo by Barry Houck Photoworks

Dec21_Zionville_Barry Houck Photoworks

High winds toppled over a buggy rack at the Boone K-mart overnight. Photo from Brandy Hayes

Dec22_Buggy Rack at Kmart_Brandy Hayes

5:56am – saw a fb report that ” 194 from Matney,broadstone, 105 mostly clear. Alot better than yesterday. Limbs on the road. Blowing rock road is still covered.”

6am – Blue Ridge EMC power outages: Ashe 311, Wilkes 69, Watauga 51, Alleghany 6, Caldwell 7, Avery 3. Progress Energy reporting 1374 customers in Avery County without power.

6:25am – peak wind gust overnight at 12:35am of 67mph per the NWS reporting station at Watauga Medical Center.

6:37am – report coming in “321 north and 421 skateworld to boone in great shape.”

6:40am – Blue Ridge EMC power outages: Ashe 325, Wilkes 69, Watauga 48, Caldwell 13, Avery 3. Progress Energy reporting 1374 customers in Avery County without.

6:47am – snowfall stopping overnight has help improve road conditions. Getting several reports that 421/321 in Vilas is in good shape

6:49am – Aho Road is still covered. Hwy 321 from Aho to Boone has one lane partially cleared.

7am – The Winter Weather Advisory has expired, High Wind Warning still up until 6pm tonight.

7:08am – snow fall has stopped overnight, blowing snow remains and so will the high winds until tonight.

7:16am – getting a few reports that backroads are icy. Be careful also on porches, walkways etc this morning, ice under the snow.

7:30am – report coming in that “105 from Downtown Foscoe to Boone is in great shape”

The power of wind…anchored down by 4 10″ x 10″ Creosote railroad ties. Flipped it and set it down 30 feet away straddling propane tank. Photo from David Hill

Dec22_David Hill

7:50am – Blue Ridge EMC power outages: Ashe 164, Wilkes 69, Watauga 46, Caldwell 17, Avery 3.

8am – sun is trying to peak through the clouds this morning.

Looks cold on Elk Knob State Park. Photo by Jennifer Bryan

Dec22_Elk Knob State Park_Jennifer Bryan

8:17am – some local fire departments starting to get more calls about trees in the road this morning. Use caution driving.

8:58am – Expect delays on 321 in the sharp curve at the Elk Motel. Accident in that area.

9am – bad accident in the sharp curve at the Elk Motel on highway321. There will be delays in that area. 9:52am – wreck on 321 at Elk Motel curve is cleared

The old man looks cold! A frosty Grandfather Mtn. Photo by Sherry Aldridge

Dec22_Sherry Aldridge

9:42am – Blue Ridge EMC power outages: Ashe 81, Watauga 51, Caldwell 17, Avery 3.

9:52am – wreck on 321 at Elk Motel curve is cleared

11am – most main roads should be fine. Secondary and side roads could still be slick in spots. Use caution.

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