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Jan 19-20 Conditions/Reports

Last Updated on January 19, 2013 4:57 pm

*some of the facebook, twitter, emails and text reports that are coming in*

Saturday Jan 19

5:35am – Power outages: Ashe 1,601, Alleghany 11, Wilkes 16

Black ice possible in spots this morning due to overnight re-freezing

REMINDER – careful this morning on any untreated porches, sidewalks, walkways too early this morning due to re-freezing

6:15am from Watauga County Communications – @WataugaCommCent: Main roads looking pretty good this morning. Still have water flowing in places which creates ice/slip hazard. 321S near Aho Rd slick.

Sunny and Cold, Photo:Sandy Shell

Jan19_sunny and cold_Sandy Shell

Snow hanging in the trees, Photo:Andy Rominger
Jan18_snow hanging in the trees_Andy Rominger

Zionville, Photo:Joan Price
Jan19_Zionville_Joan Price

Jan19_Susan Murphy

Jan19__Grandfather_Susan Murphy

Blanket of snow at Grandfather Mountain on Friday Jan 18, 2013

9:40am – From Watauga County Communications:From Silverstone RD to Slabtown Rd to Mabel School Rd they will be moving and then setting house. One lane road in that area today

10am – Power outages: Watauga 1, Ashe 1,330, Alleghany 11, Wilkes 16 in Blue Ridge Electric member area

Walters Farm Road in Ashe County on Friday,Photo:Brandon Lemly

Jan17_Walters Farm Road in Ashe County_Brandon Lemly

Zionville Saturday morning, Photo: Victor Deal
Jan18_Zionville_Victor Deal

Grandfather Vineyard & Winery, Photo:Dylan Tatum
Jan19_Grandfather Vineyard & Winery_Dylan Tatum

Phoenix Mtn in Ashe County from Friday, Photo:Josh Johnson

Jan18_Phoenix Mtn in Ashe County_Josh Johnson

11am – Power outages: Watauga 2, Ashe 1,042, Alleghany 10, Wilkes 16 in Blue Ridge Electric member area

11:45am – Power outages just went under 1,000 for Ashe County. Ashe 951, Wilkes 16, Alleghany 10, Watauga 1

12:15pm – Power outages Ashe 880, Wilkes 9, Alleghany 10

1:11pm – possible delays on 321 south near Aho Road and the trash container site due to wreck

1:30pm – Power outages: Ashe 780, Alleghany 11, Wilkes 9 in Blue Ridge Electric member area

3pm – Power outages: Ashe 522

3:30pm – Power outages: Ashe 490

ASU snowmen photo by Shelly Russell
Jan19_ASU snowmen_Shelly Russell

View of the mountains, Photo: Greg Russell

Jan19_View of the mountains_Greg Russell

Photo:Shelly Russell

Jan19_Farm_Shelly Russell

Jan19_horse_Shelly Russell

5:15pm – Power outages: Ashe 389

The farm scenes today, Photos:Sherry Greene

Jan19_cows3_Sherry Greene

Jan19_cows2_Sherry Greene

Jan19_cows_Sherry Greene

5:30pm – Power outages: Ashe 279, Alleghany 7

6:30pm – Power outages: Ashe 187

7pm – Power outages: Ashe 150

7:15pm – Power outages: Ashe 96

7:30pm – Power outages: Ashe 74

7:35pm – Power outages: Ashe 68

7:40pm – Power outages: Ashe 57

7:45pm – Power outages: Ashe 46

8pm – Power outages: Ashe 43

8:30pm – Power outages: Ashe 23

9:15pm – Power outages: Ashe 13

9:45pm – Power outages: Ashe 12

10:53pm – all power restored

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