ASU Chancellor Addresses Campus Parking For Upcoming Thursday Night Football Games, Old WHS Location To Be Used

Last Updated on February 12, 2022 6:35 pm

With the first nationally televised Appalachian State weeknight football games since 2008 approaching, the topic of parking has been on the minds of University and Town of Boone officials since the games were announced in June. Officials have been working to develop a plan to address parking and traffic both on campus and in Boone. On Tuesday Aug 4, the Watauga County Commissioners approved the use of the old Watauga High School location for parking. In approving the request the Commissioners noted the financial impact that area business might receive, along with the national media attention, surrounding the games.

On Friday, ASU Chancellor Dr. Sheri Everts posted a letter addressing parking for faculty, staff, students and Yosef  Club members. Dr. Everts says that the old Watauga High School location will have “Park & Ride” shuttle service to the East Side drop off at Kidd Brewer stadium, and is open to Yosef Club members, other fans and the general public for a $15 fee per car.

Dr. Sheri Everts “ask that all faculty, staff and students help bring positive attention to our efforts by biking, drop-offs, carpooling and riding shuttles on these two special days.”  She also reminds everyone that all classes will meet as scheduled on both of the Thursday game dates. Below is the full letter.

Dear Members of the Appalachian Community:

Last year’s move to the Sun Belt Conference brought increased visibility to our university and more opportunities for our student-athletes. This year also establishes some new campus traditions. On October 22 and November 5, 2015, Appalachian will host Thursday evening football games. It is important to note that all classes will meet as scheduled on both these dates. While this does provide challenges, I extend my appreciation to the dedicated group who worked diligently to find game day solutions and keep our campus effectively operating to support our central academic mission.

All divisions were represented on this working group as well as the Town of Boone. This group was critical to providing cross-campus perspectives and developing the plan outlined below. In addition to thanking the participants who worked diligently to create the plan, I especially thank all members of the Appalachian community for their patience and understanding as we navigate these new opportunities and create new traditions together.

Best Regards,

Sheri N. Everts

Faculty and Staff Parking on Thursday Game Days

We are excited to welcome alumni and game-day visitors to our campus. Traffic will arrive in our community and on campus prior to the end of the regular workday on these two afternoons. While faculty and staff are not in any way expected to leave campus to accommodate game-day activities, some may wish to avoid the risk of traffic congestion by leaving campus early. We ask all supervisors, when possible, to please accommodate requests to adjust work schedules or work remotely on those two afternoons.

On the dates of our two Thursday evening games, we will need to manage campus parking, both to ensure sufficient, reserved parking for faculty and staff and to accommodate game-day parking demands. These unique days provide campus with a great opportunity to embrace our university’s commitment to sustainability. To support this work, we ask that all faculty, staff and students help bring positive attention to our efforts by biking, drop-offs, carpooling and riding shuttles on these two special days. Additionally, the following locations will be reserved for faculty and staff parking:

  • Rivers Street Parking Deck
  • Rivers Street Parallel Parking
  • Hill Street Lot
  • Greenwood Lot (Upper Side; spaces 1-126)

AppalCART will run regular routes and schedules from each of these locations to Peacock Circle and the Library Circle throughout these days.

The following parking areas will be unavailable to faculty and staff:

  • Edwin Duncan Lot
  • Half of the Peacock Lot (formerly Raley Lot) on the Rivers Street side (spaces 151-302)
  • Schaefer Center Lot
  • Broyhill Music Center Lot
  • Garwood Hall Lot (formerly CAP Lot)
  • Legends Lot
  • Quinn Center Lot

The Library Deck and the Student Recreation Center lot will be open for faculty/staff parking on these days. In order to accommodate guests arriving on campus, only vehicles with a game day Yosef Club parking permit will be able to enter the Library Deck beginning at 3 p.m. To assist with this task, faculty/staff that remain on campus and have vehicles in Library Deck are asked to please move their vehicles to one of the other designated faculty/staff lots by 3 p.m.

Entrance into the Rivers Street Parking Deck will be open for Faculty/Staff with valid parking permit and Yosef Members with valid permits starting at 3 p.m.

To accommodate evening faculty and staff parking needs on these dates, the following locations will be reserved for faculty and staff parking beginning at 5 p.m.:

  • Rivers Street Parking Deck
  • Rivers Street Parallel Parking
  • Edwin Duncan Octagon
  • Greenwood Lot (Upper Side closest to Chancellor’s Residence) (spaces 1-126)
  • Half of the Peacock Lot (Rivers Street side; spaces 1-150

Please note parking and traffic attendants, in addition to other staff, will provide support in finding and navigating parking on campus these days.

Student Parking on Thursday Game Days

In alignment with a game day green initiative, students will not park on campus for the academic day with the exception of valid parking permits for the Rivers Street Parking deck. All permit holders to this deck will be allowed to enter and park to attend class. We encourage all students to participate in AppalCART shuttles, bicycle transportation, drop-offs and carpooling options for these two days. Commuter students are encouraged to contact the Office of Parking and Traffic to seek alternative options for parking on these dates. Additional bicycle racks will be installed on campus to support alternate transportation to campus.

The Athletics department, in partnership with the Office of Sustainability, will host a special student tailgate on the lower Duck Pond near the Yosef sculpture at the base of Stadium Drive for all students starting at 4 p.m. Live music and food will be provided for students to share the Mountaineer Spirit for all to see as they approach Stadium Drive. Stadium, Justice Hall and Greenwood Lots will be closed to student parking the whole day. Students living on campus and who have a weekly permit can move their cars to the State Farm or South Broyhill Lots beginning at 5 p.m. Wednesday. (The tailgate at the Duck Pond for students takes the place of the Student Government Association parking lottery.) Rivers Street Parking Passes will be honored until 4 p.m. for students.

Yosef Club Member Parking on Thursday Game Days

Yosef Club Donors that park in Stadium, Justice, Peacock (Raley), Duncan, Broyhill Music and Greenwood lots, as well as the Rivers Street Deck, may enter their assigned lots starting at 3 p.m. Any member that arrives to their space and finds no spaces available on University Drive or in the Rivers Street or Library Parking Decks between 3-5 p.m. are asked to go to the overflow area in the Legends Lot (festival parking) to tailgate. They are welcome to remain in the festival parking area the entire day, or may relocate to their reserved spaces when they become available at 5 p.m. Members with reserved parking are also welcome to tailgate in the Old Watauga High School Lot, which will have “Park & Ride” shuttle service to the East Side drop off at the stadium. The Old Watauga High School lot will also be open to other fans and the general public for a $15 fee per car.

Click here to view a campus parking map

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