10 Car Wreck on 105

Last Updated on February 9, 2012 7:12 am

9am- 105 is back open

7:12am – There are media reports of a 10 car wreck on highway 105 near Smoketree Lodge. Per scanner traffic 105 is shut down but at what exact point is not known yet.

7:15am – WCSO and Foscoe Fire Dept shutting down 105 S at the bottom of the 3 lane per scanner traffic.

7:18am – Per scanner at least one car over the embankment, everyone is out of their vehicles, there are some injuries.

7:25am – emergency officials continue to work at the scene of the accidents

7:35am – Per scanner the salt that DOT has put down on 105 is having very little effect at the moment, 105 is closed near Smoketree Lodge and there is HEAVY traffic backup. Best advice is to avoid 105 in Foscoe right now.

7:48am – per police scanner: 105 is starting to melt some where DOT had place road salt. One of the vehicles involved in the wreck is leaking fuel, firefighters taking precautionary measures.

8:11am – nothing new to report as work continues to open the road.

8:13am – One of the delays in getting 105 back open is that one of the vehicles involved in the wreck is leaking fuel, clean up continues per scanner information

8:23am – Firefighters continuing the clean up of the vehicle leaking fuel

Pictures of the wreck on 105. Courtesy of WSOC TV9

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